Friday, October 12, 2012

The Art of Procrastination: Option 2. Get someone else to do it!

Aha, Now THIS is more like it, I hear you say as you see those magic words 'Get someone else to do it'.  After the shock of option 1 and 'make like a princess' people do tend to brighten up at the prospect of NOT doing it themselves, despite the reward.

There are some tasks that you just know you will never get the motivation to do.  You're not a bad Person.  You just hate it body and soul.  Getting someone else to do this dreaded task is always an option.  You hate doing some things but love others.  Other people hate what you love but love what you hate soooo......  Do I need to connect the dots here?

Diversity is a wonderful thing.  If we were all just like me then no admin would EVER get done and, I am sure, the world would quickly fall apart.  Thankfully not everyone is like me and so the world still spins on its axis and forms get filled in by people who are delighted to do it.  It's a complete mystery to me WHY they like paperwork so much, but I am forever grateful for their apparent gifts and unbridled joy, which in turn makes me joyful as I no longer have to chew the end of my pencil in frustration.

The only challenge is finding this amazing person as we typically gravitate towards people who are like us and value the same things we value.  So you need to start looking around you at the gifts other people have and that may mean opening your mind to the value different people bring.

Then once you have found this magical person, just as you reward yourself, you need to reward THEM.  Notice I said reward, I didn't say pay.  Money does not necessarily need to be involved. It is only one of the resources at your disposal so what else can you do to reward this person.  They are after all rescuing you from something you hate?

Try finding out what they value or what they hate.  If it's something you like, have or can easily manage then Hey Presto!  You may have a deal. 

So in summary: Option 2 is 'Get someone else to do it BUT reward them'.

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