Monday, October 1, 2012

The art of procrastination

You know it IS an art.  And I am an Olympic master.
If I honestly put as much energy and time into actually doing the 'hated task or unknown thing' I'm putting off, I swear I'd be superwoman.

But like most people, I wallow.  I think.  I create a schedule. I use colours and charts and sticky notes.  Then I completely disregard the schedule and feel bad. I think again.  Finally when I start to consider re-grouting the bathroom tiles, or cleaning the toilet with a toothbrush I finally clue in.

I am not proud to admit that it is then and only then (when cleaning is suddenly appealing) that I woman-up and face the fact I am in major procrastination mode and something needs to change.

Over the years I have wittled down the areas where I procrastinate.  Whoever is it that said "Know thy self" was someone I'd like to shake the hand of.  We all know the things we like, where we excel, but this simple three word sentence in archaic English also includes knowing where our flaws and warts are too. Our shadow self.

Most of mine lie in admin.  Any admin, and that includes accounts.  Which is rather sad as I am actually very good at it.  Admin sadly is a pass time that I would rather not do, thankyouverymuch.

Designing admin systems?  I'm your woman.  Oh I love doing that, but the day to day maintaining of those wonderfully constructed logical systems, I'd rather you just pulled out my fingernails one by one or stuck pins in my eyes.  I'd honestly find it less painful.  Really I would.

So what can I or you do about it?

You have a choice.  There is hope.

There is a solution, and in true cliff hanger style, and because I want you to keep reading I'll cover the three options (yes, there are three) in the next postings....

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