Thursday, June 4, 2009

The biggest mistake you can make in a down economy!

Did you know, that if you increase your marketing during a recession that your business will benefit not only now but when we come out of one?

Do you know by how much?

Now this is the staggering bit - your business will benefit by a 285%!  Yes that's over TWO HUNDRED percent.

Why? I suspect because you will be a familiar face.  People know you exist and as businesses typically cut back on marketing when times get tough (further increasing the problem) you are a much louder voice in a quieter crowd.

So, why oh why do businesses cut back on marketing?

True advertising can be expensive, but this is not the only tool available to you if money is tight... there's telemarketing, networking, sending press releases, contacting existing clients asking for referrals, writing articles for local magazines, public speaking, developing strategic partner networks... and those are just the ones that spring to my fingertips as I write this. 

Using the (maybe) quiet time between servicing customers to promote yourself in free ways that cost you nothing but time, makes not only business sense, but saves jobs and improves the short and long health of your business.  And that helps everyone.

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