Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Entrepreneurship 101

So what is an Entrepreneur?

I don't know about you but I've heard the word thrown about like candy recently and that got me thinking.

So with fingers poised and at the ready I attacked the net and did some digging.  Besides being millions (I'm not joking) of definitions I also managed to find several lists of qualities.  Depending on whose list you check out there are anywhere between 10 and 29 qualities that go towards defining an entrepreneur. 

From the information I gathered and my own personal experience I've pulled together my top twenty and will be looking at each individually over the coming weeks.

As a business coach with http://www.brightestspark.com I regularly come across each attribute in the existing and new entrepreneurs I work with.  We all have some of the qualities inherent within us and can learn and develop others.  The question is which qualities do YOU need in YOUR business, career or life?  

Choosing when and which to use comes with practice, and the way in which you use that skill is deployed is dependent on the situation, environment, culture and personality type you are dealing with.

So without further ado here's my top twenty:

1) Creativity and capacity to innovate
2) Vision and capacity to inspire
3) Decisiveness, urgency and patience
4) Integrity, honesty and reliability
5) Ability to cope with failure
6) Drive to achieve and grow
7) Persistence in problem solving
8) Total commitment, determination and perseverance
9) Orientation to goals and opportunities
10) Taking initiative and personal responsibility
11) Sense of humour
12) High stress tolerance
13) Seeking and using feedback constructively
14) Team builder with the ability to recognize the efforts of those brought on board
15) Self-confidence and self-control
16) Don't like to be penned in or controlled  - they have trouble working for anyone else, they like to be boss!
17) Make decisions and are not afraid of making mistakes
18) See obstacles as opportunities
19) Speak their mind
20) High energy

So how close are you?


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